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Why You’ll Never Make Your Employees Accountable

Written by Mike Kotsis on August 25, 2016

When I first meet with a small business leadership team, I always ask them to rate the how accountable their team is on a scale of 1 to 10. The average among teams is a 4. And inevitably there is a comment or statement made that “I wish our people were more accountable.” The question that soon follows is, “Mike, can you help me make my people more accountable?”

My answer is, No.

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What Makes a Thriving Business Start to Wilt?

Written by Hank O'Donnell on August 22, 2016

We learn through our failures. Nowhere is this more apparent than in my garden. My beloved crepe myrtle has succumbed to a blistering attack of withering leaf mold. With loving care four years ago I planted it in a sunny, well-ventilated spot that was guaranteed to ensure long-term vitality. What happened? I happened.

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Are you a Great Boss or a Not-So-Great Boss? [Infographic]

Written by Don Tinney on August 18, 2016

Ever notice how everyone in a workplace knows who the bad boss is—except the bad boss? If you’re supervising others, and you’re frustrated with their performance, it’s possible that the problem isn’t your team. You could be the not-so-great boss.

Truthfully, every boss has areas for growth. Most bosses have strong qualities as well as opportunities for improvement. But a great boss consistently exemplifies strong leadership and management qualities.

Our infographic, Are You a Great Boss or a Not-So-Great Boss, highlights the common traits of both kinds of bosses. It also reveals the difference between leadership and management—and explains why you need both.

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Running Your Business on Instinct Could Kill Your Company

Written by Randy Taussig on August 15, 2016

You have probably heard the saying: “fly by the seat of your pants.” You can actually fly a plane by “feel,” but not when visual references are gone (i.e., flying through clouds).

Prior to entering the clouds, every pilot is taught to reference their instruments and ignore what’s going on outside the window. Simply put, our body indicators are not capable of providing accurate feedback with the absence of visual references. Trusting your instinct at this point could be deadly.

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How to Overcome the 5 Biggest Frustrations Business Owners Face

Written by Mike Kotsis on August 11, 2016

Freedom. Control of our own destiny. Making your mark on this planet. Financial wealth. Growth. More fun.

These are a few of the many reasons why entrepreneurs and key leaders desire the positions that they’re in. Unfortunately for most small business leaders, they don’t experience the very things that attracted them to the position in the first place. In fact, they are continually frustrated!

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