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The other side of fear is greatness

Written by Chris White on June 23, 2014

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The other side of fear is greatnessI just received the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine and immediately opened to page 14 to read the “Editor’s Note” by Amy C. Cosper, Editor in Chief. How can you pass on an article titled: Giving Fear the Finger. Who hasn’t given the finger at one point or another in their life?! (and even if you haven’t, you’ve wanted too)

In summary, the short article was about the other side of fear, greatness. Successful entrepreneurs break through their fears (which mostly are their own) and celebrate creativity, disruption and freedom of thought. Ms. Cosper dedicates the June issue as she states: “To do justice to the epic journeys of great entrepreneurs”.

This made me think of one of the very first questions I ask my clients as they begin their journey with the implementation of EOS into their business. The question I ask every owner and their leadership team is: “Are you willing to become your best?”

Becoming your best requires 4 things:

  1. Becoming both Healthy & Smart
  2. Becoming a Leadership Team
  3. Run your business on 1 operating system
  4. Strengthen the 6 key components of your business

Overcoming the fear of change is difficult for anyone. But those that are willing to breakthrough their fears and focus on becoming their best are rewarded with success. Not just monetarily but culturally as well. Your people and your company will be rewarded with a culture of excellence!

So, as Ms. Cosper’s says “Give fear the middle finger“.

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