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A Taut Chain is Hardest to Break

Written by Jim Coyle on June 30, 2014

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A Taut Chain is Hardest to breakWe have heard over and over again about how we are only as strong as the weakest link. But, enough time has not been given explaining how each of those links (team members) should be connected. When we have the right connection or meetings with our team, we end up creating a strong bond. One that is difficult to break. However, we know that in some relationships, there is no connection or bond. A disconnected relationship in your team will lead to eventual disaster. Not because the people are bad but because the connection or the bond is bad. Things will just get missed.

At the other end of the spectrum are relationships that are smothering. When the connection is too stifling, the chain links are really overlapped or kinked. As anyone who has ever had a kink in their necklace can tell you, this is when they break. When you figure out the right connection points with each of your staff, you end up creating a bond that is hard to break. Very much like a taut chain.

So, what is the right connection? Meet with your team once a week and focus on two main things: Holding each other accountable and solving issues (see my past post on how this meeting should be run, One Meeting to Rule them All). This is the right starting point and could be enough of a connection for some of your people, but most likely not for all of them. So, you need to do a crazy little thing I call, "ask them". Just ask each of your team what is the right amount of connection they need to be successful and you will create the taut chain with your group. One that will be tough to break.


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