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How Long-Term Decision-Making Can Get YOU a Win at the Super Bowl

Written by Gino Wickman on January 29, 2015

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George Perles, assistant coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1972 to 1982, delivered a powerful message years ago. He shared a mantra from their heyday in the 1970s: “We made every decision like we were going to the Super Bowl.” Their organization made these decisions long before they reached their goal—and they ended up winning the Super Bowl four times.

Short-Term Decisions, Long-Term Struggle

In sessions with clients, I often see businesses implementing short-term band-aid solutions to resolve deep-rooted issues. But these quick-fix solutions tend to stem from near-sighted thinking. The leadership team wants to immediately stop the pain, but they never really solve the long-term problem or make the best decision for the greater good of the company.

Band-aid solutions don’t heal wounds, they only hide them. These leadership teams aren’t thinking about going to the Super Bowl when they’re making decisions, and band-aid fixes certainly won’t help them get there.

In business, the Super Bowl is your company’s 10-year target (or BHAG).

Decision-Making That’s Worth $50 Million

I once observed a particular client making too many short-term decisions. Knowing their 10-year target was to become a $50-million company, I planted a seed in their heads after another nearsighted solution. I asked, “Is that a $50-million decision you’ve just made?”

The mantra continued throughout that session and future sessions over the next year. They are now making every decision in line with their long-term, greater good, 10-year target of becoming a $50-million company.

Are you making every decision in line with your 10-year target, like you’re going to the Super Bowl?

What’s your 10-year goal, and how will the decisions you’re making today get you there?

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