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Get What You Want From Your Business

Written by Mike Paton on June 22, 2015

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Get what you wantThis week I was fortunate enough to conduct workshops for a room full of entrepreneurs in two different cities. I say fortunate, because time is always precious for busy entrepreneurs. Those who regularly take the time to learn, share, and grow inspire me. It’s a great honor when they give some of that time to me.

These workshops also allow me to live my passion, helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Sadly, it's rare for most entrepreneurs. Gino Wickman and I were talking about this some months back, and our best estimate is that 95% of the entrepreneurs in the world don’t get everything they want from their businesses. They’re investing more (money, time and psychic energy) than they get in return.

Identifying the Frustrations within a Business

Entrepreneurs take huge risks and sacrifice a lot to start and build a successful business, often alienating family members, friends and employees in the process. It’s lonely, and it’s scary. And when the business doesn’t seem to give enough back — it doesn’t grow fast enough, it’s not profitable enough, partners and employees don’t seem to care enough — it’s frustrating.

Know, See and Focus on What You Want

Like Gino and our fellow EOS Implementers, I’m obsessed about changing that. And in these workshops, I’ve begun starting the session with a simple request that every member of the audience think ahead ten years and write down what he or she wants from the business. If it’s growth, I ask them to record something specific – revenue, people or geography. If it’s more profit, how much? If it’s better people or fewer frustrations, what exactly does that look like in ten years?

And then we spend the rest of the day focused on achieving that goal — what a company running on EOS calls its “10-Year Target.” Because the first step in achieving a goal is expressing it — to yourself, and to the many people who can help you achieve it. And if you keep that goal top of mind, if it becomes a mantra that you share often, if it drives decisions every week and every quarter — your chances of achieving it will skyrocket. When a room full of talented people start thinking and acting that way, it’s amazingly powerful.

So, what do YOU want from your business?

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