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Finding the Silver Bullet

Written by Gino Wickman on June 9, 2011

Implementers EOS Business

Last month, an EOS client received some pretty substantial recognition for his company’s recent success. He was interviewed by a reporter from a well-known newspaper and was asked what he did to achieve such great results.

He answered with things such as “we got the right structure in place,” “we got all of the right people in the right seats,” and “we got everyone on the same page with the company vision and plan” (meetings, IDSing, etc.). The reporter, noticeably getting a little bored and expecting something earth-shattering or a silver bullet, replied with, “Well, doesn’t everyone do that?”

Obviously the answer is no.

It’s typical and unfortunate: Most people want the big story, the aha, the easy way or magic pill, the headline and article that finally gives the secret that doesn’t require hard work, discipline, and tough decisions. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. What makes most great companies great is doing the basics and doing them well. While it’s a little boring and doesn’t make a lot of headlines, it will get you everything you want from your business.

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