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A Little Renovation Project

Written by Don Tinney on July 5, 2011

Implementers EOS Issues List Process

Have you ever taken on a renovation project that became something more than you expected? You started out thinking you were just going to make some cosmetic improvements, but as you got into it, found termites, or some other issue, and had to take the renovation work right down to the structure. All of a sudden you’re thinking, “What did I get myself into?”

The same thing can happen when you start to do some renovation work to your business. You start out working on refining your sales process and realize there are deeper issues – wrong people in your sales seats or a leader/manager that doesn’t have the capacity or desire to lead and manage.

When the “what did I get myself into” feeling overtakes you, do the following:

1) Pause to assess the true situation – detail the real issues. Don’t get caught up in wishing your situation were different. It is what it is. Those issues were there, under the surface, hidden from you. Now they are out in the open. You are actually better off now than you were, not knowing the truth.

2) Get busy with the renovation. Address and resolve the highest priority issues first and just work your way down your list until the renovation is complete. You know the saying – sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Your 2-week project may have become a 2-quarter project, but stay the course and get it done.

3) Enjoy the benefits of living in a renovated environment.

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