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Clarity Revisited

Written by Don Tinney on July 18, 2011

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I find it very interesting that Gino and I both felt compelled by our recent experiences working with leadership teams, to write about clarity. If you missed it, see Gino’s recent post. We’re both recommending the same solution, coming at it from a little bit different angles.

The older I get – the more life experience I have – the more I appreciate the importance of clarity.

We live with uncertainty every day. Life comes at us pretty fast and none of us can truly tell what will happen in the next moment. Successful living then, essentially condenses to a sequence of best guesses – decisions, choices or predictions. The better our decisions, typically the better our outcomes.

This is where clarity comes in. The greater our clarity, the better our decisions. When we’re in the thick of things, it’s hard to see the path. We can’t see the forest for the trees, thus the need for regular Clarity Breaks™. Download the Clarity Break tool.

Clarity Breaks simply give us the opportunity to rise above the fray, quiet ourselves and get a clearer view so we can make better decisions – choose better paths.

The principle is so simple, and I know how important it is to my ultimate success, but I still find myself perpetually being entangled again in the forest, thinking the only way out is to chop harder and longer. If I struggle with this, you probably do too. So, I’m encouraging you to do what Gino and I do. Take your planner out right now and schedule in regular Clarity Breaks – some portion of time every day or every week, whatever works best for you.

Now, keep those appointments, and secure the clarity you need to enjoy a better life.

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