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Planning for 2012

Written by Rene Boer on November 3, 2011

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Are you hoping that things will be better in 2012 or do you have a plan in place that is fueling your optimism? Are you worrying about things that are outside of your control or addressing issues that are well within your control?

Focus on things within your control

The following are things that you have direct control of:

  1. Employees: Do you have the “right people” in your organization? This starts with your Leadership Team. Do they share your values, embrace your company’s culture and Get it, Want it and have the Capacity to do their jobs well?
  2. Clients: Do you have the right clients? Is your Target Market clearly defined? Are you trying to be all things to all people or do you have a profile of your Ideal Customer, someone who truly values the things that differentiate you from your competitors?
  3. Issues: Have you taken responsibility for your issues? Blaming the economy, the government or the competition may make you feel better but an effective team accepts responsibility, faces the brutal facts and works through issues. How good are you and your Leadership Team at solving your company’s problems? Do you treat symptoms or are you getting to the heart of issues and solving them in a timely manner so they don’t linger for days, weeks, months and sometimes years?
  4. Accountability: Again, starting with your Leadership Team, are your people accountable for what they say they will do? Does everyone in your organization have a clear sense of their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities?
  5. Alignment: Is everyone clear on the Vision for your organization and are they all in the same boat rowing in the same direction? What is the cost to your organization when some are rowing in one direction, some another, some not rowing and some not even in the boat?

Dedicate 2 days to work “on” your business


An effective Leadership Team devotes time to work “on” the business. This involves rising above the activities associated with working “in” the business and focusing on the company’s overall health.

The objectives for the 2-day planning session are to:

  1. Increase Team Health
  2. Create a Clear Company Vision with everyone on the same page
  3. Clarify the Issues List
  4. Create a Clear Plan for the Year and First Quarter
  5. Resolve the Key Issues

Accomplishing the stated objectives of improving Team Health, Vision and Problem Solving involves time to think clearly without interruptions and distractions. This is why holding the meeting off-site is crucial. To accomplish the items listed on the agenda takes focus, energy and effective communication. It’s important to communicate the outcomes to everyone in the organization. It’s better for people to know the plan than to wonder if there’s a plan in place.

Now, Schedule your meeting

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