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The Power of Abundance

Written by Mike Paton on March 28, 2011

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You’re not an Entrepreneur if you have the time and money to do whatever you want.

Entrepreneurs have to make tough choices every day. What should I build and ship? Which customers should I pursue? Which key position in my organization should I fill first? Every one of those decisions will materially impact the future of your business. ”All of the above” is never an option, and the “right” answer to each of these questions is never clear.

One choice is easier than it seems. If you’re investing time and energy focusing on your competition, stop. Quit worrying about what they’re selling, who they’re selling to, what they’re charging, and what the world thinks about them. Quit comparing yourself to them in your marketing message, and quit trashing them in your sales pitches. It’s not about them.

Refocus all that energy (and time, and money) on your customers. Get to know what they want – today and next year. Ask them how you’re doing. Get better at meeting those needs. Delight them. Create raving fans who do the marketing and selling for you. If somebody asks about a competitor, say nice things and refocus the conversation on what you do best. Unless you’re too big to call yourself an Entrepreneur, there’s plenty of business out there.

When you know your customers well, get better at finding and communicating with them, and work tirelessly to make them happy, your competitors don’t matter.

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