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Decide, then Act - Get a grip, stay in gear!

Written by Rene Boer on March 17, 2011

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Teddy Roosevelt once said that “when presented with a problem the best thing to do is to make the right decision, the next best thing is to make the wrong decision and the worst thing is to make no decision.”

To make the right decision you must have a pulse on what’s happening in your business and be aware of issues, obstacles or barriers that are holding you back. Two EOS tools can help you become a better problem solver, the Scorecard and the Issues Solving Track. Absent these two tools, you are reduced to making decisions based on opinions, emotions or egos. Or, sometimes you become stuck, reluctant to make a decision until all the facts have been weighed or simply hoping that issues will work themselves out.

Mike Paton gave an excellent example of how to create an effective scorecard in his recent blog post. Click here to read. Also, in recent blogs I discussed creating and managing issues lists and how to effectively solve problems. Click here to read.

Using these two tools together will help you solve problems while they’re relatively small and to avoid getting stuck. When you make a decision, be it right or wrong, you are at least in motion. An effective and cohesive team is nimble enough to make adjustments that will keep you on course. The key is get a grip (decide) and to stay in gear (act).

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