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Getting on the Same Page

Written by Don Tinney on December 13, 2011

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It isn’t easy to get your team on the same page when it comes to meeting business goals and driving revenue. Without setting clear expectations and outlining your goals, teams often lose direction and focus, causing the wheels to spin out of control. Seeing and wanting the same thing for the whole team is just one step in the process – as a leader, you have to take it one step further to really get the momentum going.

It’s understandable to feel some level of fear about giving everyone on your team the whole story when it comes to revenue and profit, but in order to get the team aligned with the same goals, you have to be willing to open up. A healthy team is one that understands your business goals and shares your vision. This includes not just your immediate direct reports or managers, but everyone from the top down.

Having the right meeting pulse is the key to keeping everyone in sync. With a stream of open dialog and consistent communication, you can keep your people rowing together in the same direction toward the finish line. Channeling all of that human energy into the same focus doesn’t just benefit your bottom line – it’s essential to being a strong leader. To keep everyone on your team on the same page and in check with the goals of the business, try the suggested communications schedule from The Meeting Pulse™ :

  • Annual Planning Sessions (Executive teams and Department teams)
  • Quarterly Sessions (Executive teams and Department teams)
  • Weekly Check-ins (Executive teams and Department teams)
  • “Same Page” meetings (Visionary and Integrator, 1-3 meetings per quarter)

By providing these key touchpoints throughout the year, you can keep everyone focused, on the same page and ready to solve problems.

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