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Setting Standards with the People Analyzer

Written by Ed Callahan on February 24, 2011

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It's a generally held opinion that you only get into the Football Hall of Fame as a quarterback if you have won a Super Bowl. Whether you agree with that unwritten quarterback rule or not, the point is that the Hall of Fame for all sports requires that for an athlete to be elected, the athlete must achieve beyond very high standards indeed.

Companies who use the EOS business management system apply this concept to all their employees. They explicitly challenge all employees to maintain high standards in all they do.

To help CEO/owners and their leadership teams accomplish this goal, EOS provides a tool called the People Analyzer. The People Analyzer is based upon the company's core values and an assessment of the employees’ capabilities for the position he or she is in.

We ask that the leaders set a bar in the People Analyzer, which establishes the minimum acceptable standards for employees. We encourage leadership teams to use this tool when hiring, compensating, reviewing and terminating employees.

Adhering to employee standards is a challenge and can be difficult. But it will pay off in the long run.

Does your company have a well-understood standard for all employee personnel actions? Do you agree with them? Do you use them? Do all managers use them consistently?

You can download a copy of the People Analyzer for free at the EOS Worldwide website.

If you want any further explanation of it, let me know.

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