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Leadership Team Development #14 – Great Leaders Take Clarity Breaks

Written by Don Tinney on September 30, 2010

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Great leaders do 5 things: 1) They give clear direction; 2) They provide the necessary tools; 3) They let go; 4) They act with the greater good in mind and 5) They take Clarity Breaks TM.

The first sign you are losing it as a leader is when you start snapping at your people. You start feeling frustrated and your confidence waivers. That’s when you know you need to take a Clarity Break. Rene Boer did a good job of introducing the concept in his recent post. Just do this:

  • Grab a blank pad of paper.
  • Find a place you can think. Get out of the business, away from the fray.
  • Work on the business to restore clarity. Don’t work in the business, making calls and working down your To Do List. This is a time for organizing, sorting, prioritizing – mapping out the path. Make sure your next steps forward are clear before ending your break.
  • Do this daily, weekly or monthly. The more you have going on, the more frequently you need to break.

With renewed clarity, your confidence will be restored and you can return to lead your people.

Takeaway point for this week:

  • Answer this question: I am taking regular Clarity Breaks – yes or no? To be a great leader you must remain clear, focused and confident.

Encouragement: When you are really busy with a lot on your plate and deep into the work, it seems counterintuitive to take a break. I get it, but trust me. If you stop to get your bearings, you’ll actually progress much faster.

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