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“Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant”

Written by Christina Mack on September 20, 2010

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I heard this statement last week from one of our new EOS Implementers, and I was blown away by its powerful ability to summarize in five words what great leaders do to build healthy, open, and honest organizations.

The statement comes from one of his clients who does mission work in a Third World country. He was taught by its people that the best way to purify water is to put it in a glass jar on the roof of a hut for 48 hours. The sunlight kills all bacteria and impurities, making the water healthy and drinkable.

The power in this statement is in the fact that all of the tools in the EOS Process do the same: They shed light on all of the issues. When your Vision, People, and Data Components are strong, every issue and impurity in your organization is illuminated. Then, when you follow the process, you diminish them.

Put it another way: Like mushrooms, dysfunctional issues grow in damp dark places, but under harsh light, they die.

What issues require you to shed light on them right now? Do it today.

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