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Leadership Team Development #11 – Great Leaders Provide the Right Tools

Written by Don Tinney on September 9, 2010

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Great leaders do 5 things: 1) They give clear direction; 2) They provide the necessary tools. After creating clear openings, you need to give your direct reports the right tools and support they need to succeed. Not doing so is debilitating to your people.

They have to know you’ve got their back by providing the resources, training, technology, people, time and attention they need to capitalize on the opportunity you created for them. They have to know you are as interested in their success as you want them to be in the company’s success.

When they get stuck, they have to know you’re going to help them get unstuck. You don’t have to provide all the answers. You just need to create an environment where they can get the answers. Often those answers can come from within themselves or from their team. As the leader, you provide an environment that keeps them progressing.

The best way to provide time and attention is with weekly team meetings that are structured to smoke out and resolve issues your people are struggling with. We recommend using the EOS Level 10 Meeting agenda for your weekly meetings. Also use one-on-ones as needed.

Takeaway point for this week:

  • Answer this question: I am providing the necessary tools and support to every one of my direct reports – yes or no? If your answer is to 6 out of 7, it’s no. To be a great leader every person reporting to you needs to be properly supported.

Encouragement: If you are too busy to support your people, you need to do some delegating. I’m going there next.

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