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3 Steps to Adjust Your Business Structure As You Go

Written by Ed Callahan on July 1, 2010

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In prior posts, I have discussed various aspects of structuring your business properly. In this post, I want to just focus on making ongoing adjustments to your structure.
Adding new positions or seats to your company structure, changing your Accountability Chart , can have a significant functional and financial impact on your company, so such decisions need to be made carefully with the right people sitting at the table. The same is true when you remove seats. Keep in mind, even when you see things clearly as one leader or manager, others may not be seeing the same thing, so you must always strive for getting everyone on the same page.

Step 1. Always start with function (ex. we need someone to function as a part-time Estimator). Consider the cost/benefit before proceeding.

Step 2. Define roles/responsibilities (ex. what are the main things we expect the Estimator to do). Review the new roles and responsibilities with existing members of your team to eliminate overlaps and misunderstandings about who will be responsible for what going forward.

Step 3. Place someone who shares your core values and has the capacity to do the job well into the newly defined seat.

How long has it been since you examined your company structure and clarified roles and responsibilities for each seat? Is everyone working at 100% capacity in every seat? If you are struggling functionally or financially, review your Accountability Chart to see if you need to make some adjustments.

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