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76 Miles – 5 Days of Rain

Written by Tom Bouwer on December 28, 2015

Vision Goals

76_Miles_-_5_Days_of_Rain.jpgIt wasn’t fun. Alex (my business partner) and I took our annual Clarity Trip™ in the Smoky Mountains, following the Appalachian Trail. We planned to do 76 miles over 6 days. We did it, but it rained for five of those days.

On our longest day of 16 miles, it rained 5 inches. So, slogging along in wet boots with water up to our calves on the trail, we debated stopping after about five miles. However, that would have added four or five miles to each day we had left; we would have had to quit early. We wouldn’t have reached our goal.

What lesson did we learn? Work the plan and adjust – but don’t change your goals.

Change Your Activities, Not Your Business Goals

Some of our clients want to change Annual Goals or even Rocks once they hit difficulty. “I lost a sales person.” “The economy changed.” “We didn’t get the deal.” Have you heard or even said these before?

These situations call for changing your actions, not your goals. Break the issue down and really explore any idea that could help. Don’t accept excuses or the “oh well” attitude. Hold yourself and your team accountable

The solution might be harder or even unpleasant. It might take you more effort – it did for us. In the end, however, you’ll reach your goal. Keep your eye on the prize – you’ll figure out a way to get there.

Next Steps

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