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Do You Have Commitment

Written by Gino Wickman on February 15, 2012

Implementers EOS Leadership Issues List Team

When I use the word “commitment,” many interpret it as commitment to the company, team, or cause. That’s not at all what I’m referring to here. Of course everyone on your leadership team is committed to the company (I hope). The question is, is each person on your leadership team committed to every decision you make every time?

Do You Have 100% Commitment When Resolving an Issue Every Time?

Another way of saying 100% commitment is “buy-in,” “on the same page,” or “agreement.” Without 100% commitment on every conclusion, you’ll have the same issues come up over and over. You will end up with side conversations that are unhealthy and lack crispness, which takes more effort to achieve results. You simply won’t have a united front on your leadership team.

One simple step to achieve 100% commitment and to make sure that every member on your leadership team buys in is to simply ask. At the end of IDS (click here to see the issues solving track), ask each member of the leadership team if they are all committed to the decision. The reason you might not ask most of the time is that you’re afraid to ask or you’re trying to rush to get through the agenda. It’s vital that you do it every time.

Not all members are going to agree or they might have gone a different way if it were their decision, but if they’ve been heard and they can genuinely live with it, support it, embrace it, and help drive it, then you truly have commitment.

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