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Entrepreneurial Utopia – Fantasy or Reality?

Written by Christina Mack on July 6, 2010

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At EOS Worldwide, we believe Entrepreneurial Utopia exists and that it is achievable. By our definition, Entrepreneurial Utopia is not an imaginary place of ideal perfection; it’s an ideal condition inside organizations that is reality, especially for those who won’t settle for anything less. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what we mean.
Entrepreneurial Utopia exists in organizations where:

  • good people win
  • things are simple
  • things run well and profitably
  • people are open and honest, fighting for the greater good without the politicking
  • there is great chemistry, a human connection, with everyone aligned around a common cause and common values
  • people love what they do and live balanced lives
  • the entire organization experiences real traction and continually advances

If this doesn’t describe your organization at this moment, we urge you to strive for something better. Over the years, we have seen many organizations reach Entrepreneurial Utopia. It’s real, it’s measurable and you can get there.

Your journey starts with a single step. We’ll supply the map and the traction.

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