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Have You Found Your Purpose

Written by Rene Boer on March 29, 2012

Implementers EOS People

On a recent return trip from Alabama where I had spent a week cycling, the instrument panel of my Subaru Outback Wagon suddenly began flashing and if the “Sub”could have talked it would have shouted “Warning! Warning! Warning! Will Robinson”. The window wipers slowed down, the power steering failed and my cycling buddy Chris started hypothesizing about the probable cause …Battery? Alternator? Cyber Attack? Chris quickly located the nearest service center with his smart phone and we pulled off the freeway into Montgomery, AL. It being Saturday morning we weren’t too hopeful that we would find a place that could diagnose the problem, make the repair and send us on our way without too much delay.

You can appreciate the emotions of anxiety, hope, apprehension and fear when you’re vulnerable and pretty much at the mercy of whomever it is that could help you with your problem. That’s how I felt when we pulled into the Cloverdale Service Center in Montgomery, AL. John, the owner, was busy with a customer but told us that he’d be with us in a minute. A minute later he was looking under the hood and quickly found the problem … broken fan belt, caused by seized bearings in a tension pulley. He assured us that if he could get the parts, he could fix it quickly.

I followed him back into the garage while he made a couple of calls. The Parts and Service department at the local Subaru dealership was closed (I’ve never been able to understand this) and so John called a couple of friends who quickly located the belt and the bearings needed to make the repair. I was greatly relieved and thanked John profusely. I then said “John, you seem to really get a kick out of helping people.” John smiled and replied “God put me on this earth to fulfill a purpose. I’ve been fortunate to find my purpose … I love what I do and I’m pretty good at doing it too!” He added, “I know too many people who’ve been given a gift but just won’t accept it, even though it’s right in front of them.” Wow! “Be great at doing something that you love to do” … nice to see it in action.

After making the repairs, John checked the alternator and battery, proclaimed them fit for duty and we were underway. Thank you John! Chris and I made it home to our wives safe and sound. And the Subaru is still on the planet and not lost in space.

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