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Free Business Scorecard and Organizational Checkup Available from EOS Worldwide

Written by EOS Worldwide on July 7, 2012

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EOS Worldwide, home of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, has published a free business scorecard and organizational checkup for small to mid-size business owners at The EOS Organizational Checkup™ provides a marker for how a business is doing through a quick, 20 question analysis that ranks the overall health based on several key factors which are critical to the success of any organization. Business owners can receive a free assessment based on the results of the analysis, which provides free insight into those areas that could use some work.

The Organizational Checkup was designed to create awareness about the state of any business, highlighting Key Components that business owners can strengthen in order to grow a healthier organization and enjoy a richer, more successful business experience and a more successful organization. Once weaker areas of the business are identified by the Checkup, a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™ can help owners get their entire organization on the same page and on the right path for growth and success, through simple, practical, leadership development tools and exercises that bring businesses together and make internal processes more effective synchronize all the pieces of a business, getting all the human energy flowing in one focused direction.

In addition to offering valuable tools like the Organizational Checkup, EOS also offers free webinars, in-person consultations and resources for business owners who are interested in developing a strong leadership team and building strong in-house processes that make the business better. Utilizing a collaborative network of Professional EOS Implementers, EOS provides intensive training on the EOS Toolbox™ and assists with facilitating its implementation in the workplace. Through extensive training on the guiding principles of the EOS, clients receive personalized coaching and guided lessons that will make them stronger leaders, setting businesses up for long term success.

Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, EOS Worldwide has been delivering management solutions to businesses for over ten years. Offering training, management resources and organizational assessments, EOS provides the tools business owners need to grow and manage their business in today’s dynamic business world. For more information, please visit

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