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Pride Goeth Before Destruction

Written by Don Tinney on December 3, 2012

Implementers EOS

Many of us are familiar with this proverb, but few believe it enough to set our egos aside when we’re around other people. When our focus shifts from elevating our team to elevating ourselves, “team” is destroyed.

It is REALLY refreshing when a person refuses to take a seat on the team because they know they aren’t right for the seat. Sharing the team’s values and getting, wanting and having the capacity to consistently deliver what a seat requires is what the team needs to function at its best. Whenever ego takes center stage, team decisions are corrupted. Damage happens.

It takes real courage to remove yourself from a seat. It’s almost certainly a blow to your ego and it may not be easy to find another empty seat that fits you, but that’s not a reason to make the whole team suffer. We live in a world where more companies fail than succeed, so set your ego aside and do the right thing. Don’t destroy your company to preserve your pride.

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