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Visionary VS CEO

Written by CJ DuBe' on January 14, 2013

Implementers EOS

visionary vs. CEOA new client of mine who had just completed the Accountability Chart with his team was clearly in the Visionary seat. After the exercise he said:

“ What’s the difference between a Visionary and a CEO, it looks like the Visionary doesn’t do much!”

A visionary is someone who has lots of ideas, a strategic thinker, and always sees the big picture. A visionary has a pulse on their industry and is always researching and developing new products and services. Interesting … this company created an R&D seat because of the fast pace of change in their industry and he's in it!

The creation of the Accountability chart gives clarity and distinction to a seat; 5 roles and responsibilities show us what we’re responsible for, teaches us to stay in our own lane.

So I asked the Visionary owner; “Would this business exist without you? Would this business have grown to be the cutting edge leader in your industry without your 20 ideas a week?”

Visionary owners often are the culture creators and the driving force of energy behind the company. Visionary owners need a strong leader in the Integrator seat to allow them to do what they do best… drive us to the future.

All you Visionaries out there, OWN your unique ability, our businesses thrive because you push us.

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