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The Process Component™: Identifying and Documenting Your Core Processes

Written by EOS Worldwide on February 12, 2013

Business Coaches Traction Leadership Teams

There are two key steps that leadership teams must take in order to systemize their core processes. The first is to identify, simplify and document all of the core processes within the business and the second is to ensure that everyone in the organization follows these processes. Business coaches or EOS Implementers™ begin this exercise by scheduling an hour or so with leadership teams in order to identify, define and agree on what their core processes are. These core processes (typically 6-10) are similar in every organization, no matter how big or how small, and typically include processes in HR, marketing and sales, operations, accounting and customer-retention. No matter how many of these core processes leadership teams identify, everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of what to call them and what they consist of. Doing this creates clarity, reduces confusion, and gets everyone speaking the same language.

Strengthening the Process Component™ by identifying and developing your core processes helps leadership teams identify where there are missing critical procedural steps or procedural steps that don’t need to be there. When teams become too entrenched in how they do things without really analyzing them, it becomes easy to get settled into that pattern. Simplifying your processes doesn’t just enlighten leadership teams on how they are doing things now, but it also helps them identify possible areas where improvements can be made. And most importantly, documenting and simplifying core processes means that business owners and leadership teams can create a self-sustaining organization that can run smoothly, even if a key member of the team isn’t there.

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