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Got It

Written by Don Tinney on August 6, 2012

Implementers EOS

Open and honest, how much impact does your Accountability Chart have on your business? Is it a lifeless document with boxes, connecting lines, words and names or is it a dynamic tool for providing everyone in your company with absolute clarity about who’s responsible for what?

The following are two practical ways to breathe some life into your Accountability Chart:

  • Without looking at your seat on the chart, tell me what your roles or responsibilities are. If these are the few things you are to be obsessing about in fulfilling your function in the business, shouldn’t they be in the forefront of your thinking? If they’re not, there’s a disconnect between you and your seat that needs to be resolved.
  • In any of your meetings or conversations where an issue comes up that clearly falls into your area of accountability, say, “got it.” If you get, want and have the capacity to do what your seat requires, tell your teammates you’ve got it. Sure, there will be times you need the collective intelligence from other teammates to complete a rock or resolve an issue, but many times, you just need to take the responsibility and run with it. Your meetings will move a lot faster and you’ll spare your teammates from having to talk about things outside their area of accountability.

Get it?

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