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Do You Get “Get It?”

Written by Gino Wickman on March 18, 2013

Implementers EOS

Get itAs you may know, we teach a powerful tool called GWC (Get it, Want it, Capacity to do it), which helps a leader or manager determine if his or her people are in the right seats. A person must get yeses on all three items to be in the right seat. He or she must Get it, Want it, and have the Capacity to do the job.

With that said, “Get it” is sometimes misunderstood or a challenge for people to grasp. I just finished reading a great book by Ken Robinson, Ph.D., called The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. In this book, he describes “Get it” the best way I’ve ever heard. He describes it as follows:

“Get it is aptitude; or the natural ability for something. An intuitive feel or grasp of what the job is, how it works and how to do it. Natural feel; biochemistry.”

I hope that helps you getGet it” and clears up any confusion.

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