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Double the Productivity of Your Off-Line Meetings

Written by Gino Wickman on April 29, 2013

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AgendaHave you ever shown up for a meeting and no one knows its purpose? And then you spend the first 15 minutes finding your way or trying to figure out what the objective is? Ever been to one where you’re wondering who is running the meeting?

This happens far too often in most companies, and it’s a terrible waste of valuable time. Here’s a way to solve it.

Please consider this simple solution to this very common problem in business. It will cut the time of your meeting in half or double the output.

It’s important to know that this doesn’t apply to your regular weekly standing meetings. For those meetings, always use the very effective Level 10 Meeting Agenda. It’s time-tested for more than a decade.

For every off-line meeting, follow the following five steps:

Step 1. Establish the objective. Whoever is calling the meeting, have him or her decide the objective of the meeting in advance. What must be accomplished by the end of this meeting?

Step 2. Determine the agenda. What are the steps and topics you are going to follow and cover to achieve the objective?

Step 3. Decide what prep work needs to be done. Be clear with everyone in advance as to what work needs to be done prior to the meeting so that everyone comes fully prepared. This will create much more efficient and productive meetings.

Step 4. Send out, in advance, to all participants the objective, agenda, and prep work. Give plenty of prep time.

Step 5. Begin the meeting by stating the objective and the agenda. Make sure everyone is clear about why you are together and what needs to be accomplished.

Again, the above five steps for any ad hoc, off-line or special meetings will cut the typical meeting time in half or double the productivity. Try it; it works.

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