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The Power of Focus: Does Your Leadership Team Have It?

Written by EOS Worldwide on May 10, 2013

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It’s common for eager leadership teams to take on too much in the early years of the business. By trying to get everything done at once and making everything important, they run the risk of getting nothing done. When you make everything a big issue, then there’s never enough time to give each goal the attention that it needs. The EOS® approach teaches leadership teams that by focusing on a few goals instead of too many, you will actually accomplish more. It’s called the Power of Focus, and it’s something that you need to be successful.

Business coaches, or EOS Implementers™, show leadership teams how to narrow down their goals into a smaller set of attainable, realistic milestones. Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of setting unrealistic goals that can never be accomplished. If teams start out feeling frustrated at seemingly unattainable goals, they’ll never believe that it’s possible to meet those goals. If every goal is something that you are supposed to strive for but that is impossible to meet, then how do you measure what success is? Goals should start out as something you can actually achieve. They should not consist of unrealistic sales numbers you never really expect to see, but hope to accomplish one day.

When you learn the power of focus, you can pour all of your energy into the top goals that mean the most to your business. In doing so, you will accomplish much more in the long run and will have a stronger, more trusting team who will be eager to help the business grow.

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