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They Are Watching You

Written by Gino Wickman on July 8, 2013

Implementers EOS

I read a great quote this week by Warren Bennis. You may have heard it: “A leader doesn’t just get the message across—a leader is the message.”

This quote serves as a powerful lesson and reminder for us. As leaders, our actions speak louder than words.


Recall the five aspects of all great leaders:

  1. Giving clear direction.
  2. Providing the necessary tools.
  3. Letting go of the vine.
  4. Acting with the greater good in mind.
  5. Taking Clarity Breaks.

This quote addresses and exemplifies the fourth aspect: acting with the greater good in mind.

I urge you to do a checkup on yourself as a leader. Are you the model of how you want your people to act, be and do? Another way of asking it is, are you walking the talk? Are you being the living example of your core values, your purpose and your desired culture with your actions, behaviors, words and decisions?

They are watching you. As go you, so go they.

Take a few minutes and ponder: Are you walking the talk?

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