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Chop Wood-Carry Water

Written by Chris White on July 18, 2013

Implementers EOS

Keep it simpleI recently read “Eleven Rings” by legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson and he shares his secrets on how he managed 2 of the most talented players in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and built 2 successful championship programs.

His secret: Less is more!

This book is more than just a memoir of his accomplishments; it also provides great insight on how to build a solid, successful organization. Coach Jackson, who practices Zen meditation, embraces simplicity. He believed in order to build a strong, cohesive team; he needed to reduce complexity by introducing the coaches and players to a simple model called the Triangle offense that only has a handful of rules to follow. His goal was to get each player, whether they were in the game or on the bench, to focus on the system, follow the few rules and let the rest fall into place. If they could all be on the same page, rowing in the same direction, winning games was inevitable. Regardless if you’re a fan of the NBA or not, you probably have heard of Phil who coached the Chicago Bulls to 6 championships and 3 more with the Los Angeles Lakers using this methodology.

Similar to the Triangle offense, EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) embraces simplicity as well. Business owners and their leadership teams follow a simple system that allows them to focus on the 6 Key Components™ of their business and use just a handful of practical tools and disciplines that strengthen each component and get everyone rowing in the same direction. Whether you’re an executive, manager or in the mailroom, everyone has 3-5 roles and responsibilities they focus on to propel the company forward.

When asked how he was able to keep the players focused after winning their first title, Phil quotes a Buddhist saying: "Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water." This really resonated with me as a business owner and EOS Certified Implementer. With a “less is more” mindset, reducing complexity and following a simple, proven system allows everyone in an organization to stay laser focused. When everyone is focused, companies execute their visions.

So it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is or what market you’re in, stay focused: Chop wood, Carry water.

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