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What Makes You Unique?

Written by EOS Worldwide on September 17, 2012

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One of the first steps in business coaching is to determine the Three Uniques of a business, or the top three differentiators that make one business better than the competition. Leadership teams often skip this step when they are just starting out, only to find themselves struggling to truly define their vision and values down the road. Competing in too many sectors, markets, services or product lines isn’t an effective way to get ahead. Business coaches teach leadership teams to avoid trying to be all things to all people, instead showing them how to develop a strategic focus that puts the business on the right path for success.

To determine the Three Uniques for the business, leadership teams (and in some cases sales teams), list out everything they believe makes the people, company, product or service what it is. Teams are also encouraged to contact their best customers to find out what they think is unique about the company. All it takes is a quick phone call and you can get incredibly valuable input from the customers who know you best.

The process of determining the Three Uniques isn’t easy for most leadership teams; however, business coaches can simplify the process by providing some focused direction and personalized guidance. Through the process of elimination and some tough decision-making, teams can come up with exactly what makes them stand out from the competition in three concise statements.

Once leadership teams have determined the Three Uniques of the business, they must be carried out consistently and confidently every single day. When you believe in what you are offering to your customers, and are able to provide the best option among the competition, it’s a true recipe for success that everyone can follow.

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