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Improve Your Hiring Success Rate with This One Simple Discipline

Written by Gino Wickman on September 17, 2012

Implementers EOS

Assuming you have core values for your organization and they are right, in every interview from this day forward, share your core value speech with every candidate.

What is a core value speech? It is a one-page document that lists each of your company’s core values (talking points), and under each core value are three to five several-word bullet points that are triggers for stories, analogies, examples, past history, or anti-values that prompt you to convey and teach someone what your values are and what they mean. Click here for an example of our core value speech.

The trick is to convey your core value speech with passion and, most importantly, attempting to scare the candidate away and talk him or her out of joining your organization. If you can’t scare him or her away and his or her eyes light up, you’ve found one. Lead into it by saying “Let me prepare you for what you are about to get yourself into by working here. At ABC Company we are…”

Try it in your next interview. It works.

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