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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Written by Gino Wickman on October 28, 2013

Implementers EOS

Where Attention Goes, Energy FlowsresizedNot to get all “kumbaya” on you here, but did you know that when your vision is clear to all of your people, everyone is rowing in the same direction, and their energy is all going in one direction, universal laws kick in that we can’t explain and you get to where you want to go faster? Things fall into place, and synchronicity happens.

If this is true, the question is, are you and all of your people on the same page with where you are going as an organization and how you are going to get there? Have you captured the hearts and minds of all of your people with a compelling vision and plan?

Ask yourself, which direction are they all looking? Here’s a fun visual. Picture where their focus and attention is directed as an arrow (one of those big, red, bold arrows on the “you are here” maps). Are all of the arrows in your organization pointed in the same direction? Are they all pointed in the right direction?

Because, to end where we began, where attention goes, energy flows. And when it does, you will get to where you want to go faster and with less effort. Get your vision out of your head, on paper, and to your people.

For a great tool to capture and convey your vision, download the Vision/Traction Organizer, (V/TO).

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