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Entrepreneur "Delusions of Success" Article Released by EOS Worldwide

Written by KevinQ on December 6, 2013

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Livonia, MI (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

“The Four Delusions of Success”, an article focused on the thinking fallacies of entrepreneurs, managers, and executives, was recently released by EOS Worldwide, the creators of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

The article references the book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by Marshall Goldsmith, and discusses how the beliefs that drive an entrepreneur’s success may eventually cause them to resist crucial and necessary change when moving forward. It then suggests an exercise to conduct with the entrepreneur’s team to discover if there are any dangerous fallacies that could affect future decision making negatively.

Gino Wickman, creator of EOS, added this about the post: “We often see dysfunctional businesses that are not having much success, but we have also seen businesses whose successes eventually lead to stagnation and failure. Being a great entrepreneur isn’t just about fixing problems when things are bad, but knowing when to change for the better when things are going well."

EOS Worldwide works with companies of many sizes to change deep-rooted issues with management, human resources, recruiting, marketing, and production to create more efficient, self-managing companies. EOS implementers also assist in all other aspects of managing such as employee accountability, company vision, organizational processes, brand traction, and data management. For more information on the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or if you have interest in becoming an EOS implementer that offers tailored coaching for businesses of any size, please contact EOS via

The full article can be read here:

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