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Employee Hiring: Deciding to Hire - Article Released by EOS Worldwide

Written by KevinQ on December 6, 2013

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Troy, MI (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

“I can’t afford to hire an XXXX right now”, an article focused on how a manager can intelligently decide to hire for a particular position, was recently released by EOS Worldwide, the creators of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

The article begins by presenting typical situations where a manager may decide that not hiring an employee may be better than hiring one. It then suggests that many of these decisions may be ill-advised, and offers an exercise to conduct with the entrepreneur’s team to discover the costs of expanding your team vs. maintaining it, which helps to make the final decision.
Gino Wickman, creator of EOS, added this about the post: “As entrepreneurs, we always try to handle everything ourselves and wear many hats. We like having control over processes and knowing things are done right. However, there is a point in an organization where you yourself are at maximum capacity, and keeping roles to yourself will only create a growth ceiling. This article should illuminate that for many managers."

EOS Worldwide works with companies of many sizes to change deep-rooted issues with recruiting, human resources, marketing, management, and production to create more efficient, self-managing companies. EOS implementers also coach in all other aspects of management such as company vision, organizational processes, employee accountability, brand traction, and data management. To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or if you have interest in becoming an EOS implementer that offers tailored coaching for businesses of any size, please contact EOS via

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About EOS Worldwide:

EOS Worldwide is headquartered in Livonia, MI, and for over 13 years has given entrepreneurial managers and leaders with a holistic system and a set of easy, practical tools for getting everything they want out of their businesses. The Entrepreneurial Operating System(R) effectively builds up businesses of any size in any industry, and aligns all resources, assets and human energy to beat desired results. To learn more about EOS(R), please visit

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