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Are You in the Zone?

Written by Don Sasse on March 9, 2015

So you enjoy your job. That’s good. But is it your passion? Let’s go a little deeper…

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Sore Spots

Written by Don Sasse on December 29, 2014

On a recent Saturday, my wife Trina and I along with a good friend and client went for a hike deep into the backcountry of the Cascade Mountain range. The hike (climb/scramble) consisted of 9 miles round trip with a total of nearly 2,900′ of ascent. We found yet another absolutely amazing piece of God’s creation.

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Are you taking Clarity Breaks?

Written by Don Sasse on December 4, 2014

We know that it is healthy to detach from the world occasionally to reflect and spend some quality time with yourself. It is rejuvenating, stress relieving and if you are lucky even downright fun. Try it, completely unplug and focus on you. You owe it to yourself!

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