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Preparing Your Team to Understand EOS®

Written by EOS Worldwide on September 25, 2017

Earlier this month we released the latest book in our Traction Library: What the Heck is EOS?  We’re truly excited about this book because it answers many of the key questions that we’ve heard over the years from employees in companies implementing EOS. 

Questions like:

  • What is an operating system?
  • What is EOS and why is my company using it?
  • What are the EOS foundational tools and how do they impact me?
  • What’s in it for me?

After reading this book, employees will not only have a better understanding of EOS but they will be more engaged, taking an active role in helping achieve your company’s vision. We also recommend that you and your leadership team read these four blog posts to help you explain key concepts to your team as you implement EOS throughout your organization.

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Written by EOS Worldwide on April 22, 2015

LIVONIA, MI. Gino Wickman, founder of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), and his co-author Mark C. Winters have released a new business book that sheds light on the two most critical roles in the success of any business: the Visionary and the Integrator.

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Test Post Member and Pro Member

Written by EOS Worldwide on October 21, 2014

test post - pro member access

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EOS on 8 Questions to Refocus Your Vision and Achieve Success

Written by EOS Worldwide on February 3, 2014

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EOS Worldwide® Launches New Informational Video with Customer Testimonials

Written by EOS Worldwide on December 6, 2013

EOS Worldwide® recently published a new video titled “The EOS® Story”, which provides real client testimonials and information about how the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), equips entrepreneurs and small business leaders with simple tools to improve communication, develop stronger traction within the organization, and improve the business overall. The new video from EOS demonstrates how easy it is for leadership teams to relate to the principles of the system and carry them out in their own organizations. Don Tinney, EOS Certified Implementer™, said “EOS client testimonials speak to the simplicity and power he system offers, and shows how the principles of EOS can help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, break through the ceiling and propel their businesses to the next level.” At the end of the free video business owners and business coaches can request additional information about implementing EOS in any business.

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