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Hank O'Donnell

One of my clients introduced me to EOS. I saw the immediate and lasting impact it had on improving his top team’s productivity, positivity and profitability. This was a team that had struggled for years with lack of accountability and executive turnover. I was excited by the possibilities of employing EOS with my clients. My enthusiasm lead me to EOS professional certification in 2012. Since then I’ve passionately shared EOS with executive teams throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. I love the work and more importantly love the success my clients have created for themselves and their companies using EOS.
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3 Signs a Visionary Leader Is Getting in the Way

Written by Hank O'Donnell on January 19, 2017

Are you a recovering Visionary? You know the type – lots of big ideas, always inventing something new, a little light on the focusing, heavy on the creating, worried about the company culture, and incredibly impatient. I’m a recovering Visionary, myself.

Visionaries can clearly see a future. Our problem is that we keep changing it, and that can get in the way of our success as leaders. It’s rooted in what I call the “Free to Be Me” syndrome of Visionary leaders.

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What Makes a Thriving Business Start to Wilt?

Written by Hank O'Donnell on August 22, 2016

We learn through our failures. Nowhere is this more apparent than in my garden. My beloved crepe myrtle has succumbed to a blistering attack of withering leaf mold. With loving care four years ago I planted it in a sunny, well-ventilated spot that was guaranteed to ensure long-term vitality. What happened? I happened.

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What Do Leadership Teams Need Most from The CEO?

Written by Hank O'Donnell on August 8, 2016

Recently I inquired of 19 high-performing leadership team members just exactly what they wanted from their CEO. I was curious to hear if leadership team members were content with their leader. Boy, was I wrong. To a person, each team member saw areas for significant CEO growth.

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