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Get Your Marketing House in Order

Written by Lynda Martin on July 14, 2016

For a lot of my clients right now, sales is not the issue, but I’m a believer in getting ahead of the curve. Figure out what’s working, get on the same page with the whole team, inspire everyone to cement client loyalty and identify new prospects! And give your team the tools they need.

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Why You Can't Find & Keep Good Employees

Written by Lynda Martin on May 23, 2016

Finding and keeping good people is difficult. As unemployment rates have gone down, this complaint has become more common. Whether it’s tied to a feeling that the younger generation doesn’t fit the workplace or the anguish of watching a great hire crash and burn, getting and keeping great people for your company is usually one of the top frustrations we hear about from business owners.

I’m sorry to say that it may not be economic conditions or the educational system – it may be you. The good news is, this is a huge issue in most companies, so you’re not alone – and it can be fixed!

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