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Smart + Healthy = Enduring Success: Long-Term Issues

Written by Mark Abbott on November 13, 2014

We all have issues. A shocking confession, I know! By definition, an issue is an important topic for debate or discussion. Consequently, issues aren’t just problems to be solved, threats to be thwarted, or obstacles to overcome, but they include opportunities to be grasped and challenges to be embraced.

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The “80% Rule”: Making Good Decisions Easier and Faster

Written by Mark Abbott on October 21, 2014

More often than not, we have to make decisions with less-than-perfect information or insight. That’s just life, especially as a leader. The biggest common denominator of great leaders and great leadership teams is the ability to make good decisions with less-than-perfect information.

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Well-Being = Vision, Traction, and Healthy

Written by Mark Abbott on October 6, 2014

Years and years ago, I became attracted to the notion of “well-being” and embarked on a lifelong study of the topic. Since then it is difficult for me to not dig into any article or book that passes my eyes on the subject or related topics like “happiness”.

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