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Celebrate the small wins and build a culture of accomplishment

Written by Chris White on February 25, 2016

Team Goals

celebrate_the_small_wins.jpgcelebrate_the_small_wins.jpgcelebrate_the_small_wins.jpgAll too often, leaders and managers of teams in business, overlook the importance of celebrating small wins. Have you ever heard your boss say “It’s about time this team made some progress”? (I know I have in my early career in corporate sales) Although the intent was to recognize progress, the tone was negative and uninspiring.  

Small Wins Can Help You Realize Larger Goals

As a leader and/or team member, it’s important to recognize individuals and teams accomplishments even when they’re small. When you do this, you are recognizing their efforts and progress towards the larger company goals. This recognition will boost the energy and mood of the team and it will be felt throughout the office.

Tools To Measure Team Success

My clients use several tools from the EOS toolbox to track and measure their accomplishments on a weekly basis. One tool is the L10 Meeting Agenda that tracks their weekly measurables (key performance indicators), To-Do’s (7 day action items) Rocks (quarterly priorities) and Company Issues.

At the end of the meeting, each team member rates the meeting on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. Rating the meeting is an opportunity to recognize the small accomplishments during the week. Time and time again, I hear team members say “I never rate anything a 10”.  To an extent, I get it. A 10 can be perceived as perfection and perfection doesn’t exist. But what if you hit your measurable goals for the week, completed your list of To-Do’s, all of your Rocks are on track for the quarter and the team solved a few important company issues? Isn’t that worth celebrating?  Remember, small wins build confidence and they’re also an opportunity to reflect on what’s working (so you can do more of it). Research shows that when employees see visible progress and experience small wins, they become more engaged and productive. 

So, the next time you have an opportunity to recognize a small win, celebrate it! Ring a bell or give a round of applause. (You might even give your team a 10) 

Without the small wins, there would be no big celebrations!

Next Steps

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