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Don't Let Doubt Paralyze Your Decision-Making

Written by Connie Chwan on February 2, 2017

Business decision-making

businessman looking worried with doubts about decision-makingMaking decisions as you and your Leadership Team work on your business is a thoughtful process. And during that process, doubts most likely creep into your thinking periodically.

Doubts are those nagging feelings of uncertainty, where you may question a belief or hesitate to take action. Doubts generally make us uncomfortable. They leave us feeling anxious. After all, we’re entrepreneurs, leaders, managers – we’re supposed to be decisive and have all the answers at our fingertips. Right?

The Good News About Doubt

Well, maybe not. Consider this. Doubts arise because we are being thoughtful. We're contemplating the various paths that will solve a company issue. We're evaluating new ideas, opportunities, and customer requests to see if they fit our Core Focus™. We’re thinking about our priorities for the next quarter; determining which ones deserve our attention and focused effort as Rocks.

So the next time you realize doubts are part of your thought process, revel in them – don’t try to ignore them or set them aside. Each doubt has a purpose, and if you chew on it for a bit, you'll find the way to the best possible decision. Being thoughtful is a journey, and the journey never ends.

Using EOS in the Midst of Doubt

Implementing EOS into your company is also a journey. It’s your marathon-training plan that takes time, dedication and commitment in order to succeed. As with any new initiative, you may experience doubts along the way – in your team, in your business or even with your own abilities. But when you put your faith in the EOS Method, you get the framework and stability you need to eliminate that doubt.

In Gino Wickman’s book Traction, he thoroughly explains EOS’s Six Key Components™ and how they work together to move businesses forward. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about EOS and how it could benefit your business. Also download Gino Wickman's ebook Decide! and discover how to make better business decisions.

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This article originally appeared on the Pure Direction blog.

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