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The Lies That Hold Back Your Success

Written by Ken DeWitt on April 13, 2017

When I start working with a new client, one of the first questions I ask is, “What is it that keeps you from being successful? What is it you must overcome for your business to grow?” Recently, someone answered that question with, “The voices inside my head.”

I knew instantly what he was talking about. I hear the voices, too – we all do. They say things like:

“I don’t have enough experience.”

“I’m not charismatic enough.”

“I’m not a good leader.” 

“My peers are all doing better than me. I must be broken.”

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Four Keys To Being A Top Entrepreneur

Written by Ken DeWitt on June 6, 2016

People ask me all the time, “Ken, what’s the number one thing I can do to make my business better?” My answer is always the same: there is no silver bullet. There is no single trick that will produce a magical transformation; rather, it’s a series of tweaks – some major, some minor – that will lead to dramatic results.

After 30 years of studying and coaching successful entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed that the most successful tend to have four habits in common, and these are things you can and should put into practice yourself. The first three are succinctly outlined in Optimize for Growth: How to Scale Up Your Business, Your Network, and You, written by my friend Jonathan B. Smith. You really should get this book; it’s a quick read, and it will explain how these practices work in concert with one another, and inspire you to make them part of your standard M.O.

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Work Life Balance Coaching

Written by Ryan Sollars on March 30, 2012

Work Life Balance Coaching for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


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EOS Worldwide Client Detroit Radiator Wins Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Written by EOS Worldwide on October 22, 2011

EOS Worldwide recently announced that client Detroit Radiator was awarded the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Manufacturing in the Michigan/Northwest Ohio region. Selected from a record number of nominations for 2011, Detroit Radiator will soon participate in the National competition, taking place in November at Ernst & Young’s annual black tie awards gala in Palm Springs. The popular event for entrepreneurs throughout the world winds up the firm’s annual Strategic Growth Forum.

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Bridget's Review

Written by Ryan Sollars on October 14, 2011

By bridget3420 (KY)

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