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Why Millennials Will Love EOS® - Part 2

Written by Clark Neuhoff on August 14, 2017

In Why Millennials Will Love EOS® - Part 1 we said that millennials, who were raised in a different time than we Boomers and Gen-Xers, think differently. They have very specific expectations for information and for their work environments. TheVision/Traction Organizer™ and the Accountability Chart provide the vision, big picture, and culture that millennials need to understand and to be engaged.

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Why Millennials Will Love EOS® - Part 1

Written by Clark Neuhoff on August 10, 2017

The impact these 76 million people born between 1980 – 2002 will have on the workforce is well-documented. Stereotypes aside, their numbers, creativity, passion and knack for technology make them a critical asset to any organization. However, they do think differently than we Baby-Boomer owners and many Gen-X leaders and managers.

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3 Essential Steps for a More Profitable Small Business in 2017

Written by Mike Kotsis on January 9, 2017

Do you want any of these for your business in the coming year? Peace of mind. Consistency. Efficiency. Scalability. More Fun. And of course, more profit. Every leadership team that I’ve worked with seems to have an instant eagerness to improve upon these areas in their business, regardless of industry.

The key to achieving these goals in the new year is a three-step exercise of identifying, documenting, and following your company’s Core Processes. It’s not a sexy solution, but it’s incredibly powerful. And it’s not as painful as you might think.

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A Great Habit is Hard to Break

Written by Rene Boer on December 26, 2016

After a client's recent EOS session, an owner of the company made a comment about the importance of repetition in mastering a skill. Specifically, he was talking about the weekly Level 10 meeting and, after just six meetings, how much better his team was becoming at identifying, discussing and solving issues, getting things done, improving communication and team health. He told his team, “Imagine how much better we’ll be after 52 weekly Level 10 meetings?”

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Why Great Bosses Don't Tell You What To Do

Written by Rene Boer on September 15, 2016

If you’re like most bosses, you do most of the talking. Frankly, this one-way-street behavior needs to change. Your job is to ensure that the dialogue is 80/20, where your direct report is doing 80% of the talking and you’re talking only 20% of the time. The only way to make that happen is to ask questions instead of making statements.

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