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Working Harder and Harder with Fewer Results?

Written by Chris Naylor on December 27, 2018

Are you spending too much time doing things you’re not passionate about in your business? Do you find yourself buried in nonproductive details and trapped in complex, energy-draining activities? Or, have you wondered what happened to the original energy and passion you had for the business?

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What the Heck is a Departmental Plan?

Written by Mike Paton on May 17, 2018

When helping an entrepreneurial leadership team clarify, simplify, and achieve its Vision, we use a tool called the V/TO™ (Vision/Traction Organizer™). This EOS Foundational Tool™ contains eight questions, and our job as EOS Implementers™ is to get every member of the leadership team to agree on every word of the answers to each of those questions.

When there’s weakness in the Vision component of your organization, it’s not that there’s no Vision. Often there’s too much Vision – you don’t all agree.

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What If You're Promoting the Wrong People?

Written by Mike Paton on December 1, 2016

“The Peter Principle” is a term coined by Laurence J. Peter in 1969 to describe the recurring phenomenon of employees being promoted to – and often beyondtheir highest level of competence. While hilariously illustrated in the comic strip Dilbert, both versions of the television show The Office, and the movie Office Space – the consequences for a small, entrepreneurial company aren’t funny at all.

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Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit: Committing to Your Destination

Written by Randy Taussig on March 23, 2015

Lesson 1: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit

My last article referred to the drastic difference between the 99.9 percent success rate in commercial aviation versus the 50 percent success rate for business owners. Today I’m beginning a series of short “lessons from the cockpit” posts to address the ways business owners can narrow that gap.

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EOS Worldwide Announces 3-Day Business Accelerator Training Event November 15-17

Written by EOS Worldwide on November 8, 2011

EOS Worldwide, creators of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), recently announced the launch of the company’s innovative 3-Day Business Accelerator training for executive business coaches, consultants, trainers and entrepreneurs. The live events, designed to be the first step in becoming a certified EOS Implementer™, are held once each quarter from the EOS Worldwide headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, with the next scheduled workshops taking place November 15-17, 2011 and February 14-16, 2012.

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