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What the Heck Is a Level 10 Meeting?

Written by Tom Bouwer on July 27, 2017

Leadership Teams Meetings

10 out of 10 written on a blackboard | What the heck is a Level 10 Meeting?Do your employees know what a Level 10 Meeting is? At all levels of your company? If you’re running your company on EOS®, your leadership team should know what a Level 10 Meeting™ is and your entire organization should be engaged in regular Level 10 Meetings every week.

However, in our experience, most companies fail at pushing the Level 10 Meeting Agenda down to the rest of the organization. Employees are still stuck in meetings that suck – and this is sucking the life out of your company.

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But imagine if EVERY meeting in your company were to start and end on time. During those meetings, employees identify the most important issues to tackle and participate in the decisions and solutions. They walk out of the meeting with a clear resolution on those issues—solving them once and for all with everyone on the same page. Even better, that one single meeting eliminates all the other meetings for employees that week.

Doug, a design director at a company running on EOS, said, "Previously, we would have endless discussions, but decisions never got made—it was very frustrating. With EOS, I love the structured meetings. It really digs to the core of an issue and cuts through the B.S." That’s what the Level 10 Meeting can do for your organization if it's properly implemented throughout the company. You can see why it's so important to roll it out to the rest of your organization.

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Level 10 Meetings That Don't Work

But even if you have implemented the Level 10 Meeting throughout your company, experience indicates that 75% of those meetings are still ineffective. Why? Because most employees don’t understand why the Level 10 Meeting is important, how and why it works, the different sections of the Level 10, or what to do in each section.

The latest Traction Library book, What The Heck Is EOS?, is specifically written to help employees understand what a Level 10 Meeting is and why it's important to them. It also explains the sections of the Level 10 Meeting Agenda and gives employees questions to discuss with their managers.

Once you're up and running with Level 10 Meetings throughout your company, you'll see a significant improvement in your communication, accountability and results. Everyone will become more aware of what everyone else is doing. By practicing the Issues Solving Track and IDS'ing with the “Who, Who, 1-Sentence” technique, you’ll solve issues quickly—once and for all, so they never reappear.

A note to help you roll out the Level 10 in your company: Most teams need 90 minutes each week. You might find that one or two departments can complete the Level 10 Agenda and solve all their issues in 30 or 60 minutes—great! You’ll figure this out as you go forward, but start with 90 minutes—you can always end the meeting early. If you consistently finish the meeting early, then adjust your end time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Devote some time in your next Leadership Team Level 10 Meeting to process the issue of rolling out the Level 10 Meeting format in your organization.
  2. Make sure your employees know the what, how, and why of a Level 10 – and that they're doing it weekly.

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