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Why Entrepreneurial Companies Need a Visionary and an Integrator

Written by Don Tinney on December 14, 2015

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Rocket_Fuel_Video_Image.jpgIt takes two types of leaders at the helm of a 10-250 person entrepreneurial organization to have the "Rocket Fuel" it needs to hit the next level: the Visionary and the Integrator.

The Visionary entrepreneur’s passion, drive and creativity are the key elements that help launch a business and fuel a company’s growth. But when a company is growing, the Visionary entrepreneur starts to feel swamped with the overwhelming workload, and their momentum begins to stall and sputter. Every great Visionary hits this threshold.Enter the Integrator. The Visionary needs someone detail-oriented, who knows how to keep the team harmonious and productive, is great at resolving conflict, and can execute detailed plans for maximum results.

Key Ingredients for Exponential Success

As a dynamic duo, the Visionary and the Integrator are the key ingredients an entrepreneurial company needs to get to the next level. Companies like Disney, Ford, McDonalds, and many other large companies had this same formula back when they were small. Walt Disney could not have done it without his brother Roy, Henry Ford needed James Couzens, and Ray Kroc would not have built the largest franchise organization in the world without Fred Turner. Despite their innovative and life-changing ideas, these businesses would not be what they are today without an Integrator who complemented their creative genius founders.

The Visionary/Integrator relationship is a two-piece puzzle. Even the most inspiring Visionaries cannot do it all, and the ideal Integrator will fill the void, seal the gap and complete the winning formula.

Here’s a great video from EOS founder Gino Wickman, and his Rocket Fuel co-author, Mark C. Winters to help illustrate the components of this winning formula:

As you begin the new year, consider whether this is the year to find an Integrator to help free you up for what you were built to do - blast off and catapult your company to its full potential!

Next Steps

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