Become the Leadership Team Your Company Deserves

Written by Gino Wickman on Apr 11, 2018

Clarity Break Thought

Sometimes a leadership team loses sight of the magnitude of its responsibility. This is normally due to the day-to-day blocking and tackling when running an entrepreneurial company. It’s a huge job. It can be exhausting and challenging, and occasionally it can downright kick your ass.

When it’s all said and done, what we do at EOS Worldwide is help develop strong leadership teams that are 100% on the same page, in sync with the company vision, and have all the right people in the right seats operating their company on one operating system—the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). We do this because we know that, as goes the leadership team, so goes the rest of the company.

With that in mind, at our previous quarterly gathering of our EOS Implementer Community (now almost 200 strong) one of our Certified Implementers, Jim Coyle, shared a thought-provoking expectation that he shares with his clients, which is to “become the leadership team your company deserves.” This expectation crystallizes and puts in a nutshell the point of this Clarity Break.

When I heard this statement, it encapsulated over two decades of working with leadership teams and all of the dysfunction, poor leadership and management issues that have been resolved.

Think about what your company deserves. It deserves a leadership team that is talented, with great leaders and managers that are healthy and functional, are on the same page, and consistently deliver a unified message to the entire organization. They should exude the company’s core values, walk the talk, and play by the same rules they expect all the employees to play by.

With that in mind, I urge you to do a checkup (with the following eight-point checklist) on your leadership team in your next Clarity Break to determine that you are being the leadership team your company deserves:

  1. We are 100% on the same page with the company vision and plan. Y/N
  2. We are very healthy, cohesive, and completely open and honest with each other. Y/N
  3. We solve issues quickly. Y/N
  4. We live the company core values. Y/N
  5. We are highly accountable. Y/N
  6. We fully embrace our operating system (EOS). Y/N
  7. We are great leaders and managers (How to Be a Great Boss). Y/N
  8. Each member of the leadership team is the right person in the right seat. Y/N

I am hopeful you are eight for eight on yeses to the above.

If you have any no's, please put them on the issues list for your next Level 10 Meeting.

Hope that helps. Please pass this along to anyone you feel it will help. We are incredibly grateful for all of your support. Please let us know if we can help.

Stay focused,

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