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Two Disciplines to Get the Most from Business Meetings

Written by EOS Worldwide on February 12, 2018

EOS Leadership Meetings

One of the biggest and fastest impacts you can have on your organization in terms of better communication, accountability, team health, and results is to hold a weekly meeting with your leadership team. Your weekly meeting should focus on making sure everything important is on track and that you’re solving all relevant issues for the week and removing all obstacles and barriers for your people.

Create More Focus and Engagement in Your Meetings

Level 10 Meeting

Assuming that you’re meeting weekly and following the Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda, consider incorporating these two additional disciplines to maximize your meeting results and create 100 percent focus and engagement in them:

  1. Have a no technology rule (yes, this includes cell phones).
  2. Always break together as a team so you’re all there from start to finish.

These two meeting disciplines will eliminate the distractions that lead to having to repeat things often because someone wasn’t in the room or wasn’t paying attention – two issues that dilute the quality of any meeting.

The increase in attention and engagement leads to more issues being solved and solved better. It also creates more and better involvement from everyone. Please start your next meeting by stating a new guideline: “No cell phones or laptops, and let’s break together.” You will see instant results.

Next Steps

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